By Ai Weiwei

Millions of porcelain sunflower seeds underfoot at the Tate

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By Mark Gerada

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A Gibson / Ziegler Workshop

International guests Ruth Gibson and Christian Ziegler will be doing workshops with Interior students in October. Please send your expression of interest to take part to with your year level, which workshop you are interested in and two lines on why you would like to take part.

Profile info here, more to come shortly, take a look:

Ruth Gibson, Igloo

Igloo is an internationally renown group based in London working across spatial design, virtual world making and art.

In their own words their practice is: multifaceted ranging through installation, intervention, virtualisation, film and performance drawing on the multiple layers of reality and unreality. Much of the work is in recreating environments and systems where coding joins hands with choreographies of the body. The core concept being the intersection between technology and the human spirit, where our ambivalence to technology is explored with originality, humour and intellect.

Christian Ziegler

Sydney Biennale

This years Biennale is essential viewing for all Interior Design 
students as it has such a stimulating mix of environments and spatial 
interventions, as well as terrific paintings, photographs and movies.
Cockatoo Island is especially worth the effort. (Free entry and free 
ferries from outside the MCA). Allow at least 3 hours there as there is 
a huge amount to see
Highlights for me were;  AES+F (amazing Russian movie - 9 screens in a 
circle); Cai Guo-Qiang - 9 flying cars in the biggest space on the 
Island; Isaac Julian - beautiful screen installation; Ola Kolehmainen - 
superb photos of the Opera House; Hiroshi Sugimoto - set in the amazing 
Powerhouse - full of dangerous 'science fiction' apparatus; plus much 
much more. Also great stuff at MCA
Another excellent show is the current exhibition at The White Rabbit 
Gallery near UTS - well worth a visit - beautiful works beautifully 

Mike Day

Hi guys,

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in contemporary art – please contact them directly and get involved.

Kaldor has been seminal in bringing to Australia some of the most exciting contemporary art projects of the last thirty years including Jeff Koon’s mammoth floral puppy, Christo’s wrapping of the bay and more recently Bill Viola.  These projects have transformed not only the diverse spaces in which they are situated – from the MCA to Bondi Beach to a Redfern church – but the way in which we read and understand these local places.

Hello all, Kaldor Public Art Projects needs volunteers!

See for an overview of past projects. If you think you could help out, please email us on The Kaldor Public Art Project Volunteer Project offers those wishing to develop their skills and pursue an interest in Contemporary art the opportunity to participate in new projects. The latest Kaldor Public Art Project #20, “The Sound of Red Earth” by Stephen Vitiello will be held at the Brickworks, corner of The Princes Highway and Sydney Park Road, St Peters from 12th August until 12th September. 2 shifts every day: 12 noon – 3.00pm 3.00pm – 6.00pm Volunteers will be provided with: A shift allowance for travel expenses of $15 per shift A project specific nylon jacket Volunteers who complete 40 hours will receive a free copy of our new 304 page book, 40 years Kaldor Public Art Projects. We require 3 volunteers per shift and will try to schedule friends together if requested. Please contact Elizabeth Flynn at should you have any questions.

Regards, Bettina Kaldor

Louise Bourgeois RIP

Louise Bourgeois by Robert Maplethorpe

Maman (Guggenheim NYC)

Cell (Eyes and Mirrors) 1989-93

Today the great doyen of contemporary art Louise Bourgeois died at the age of 98.  Bourgeois’s art has become notorious through the grandious horror of ‘Maman’, the gargantuan spider that has loomed in and over such spaces as the Guggenheim in Bilbao and New York, and The Tate Modern in London.  Her art exposes some of our deepest fears and fantasies, as she fearlessly dissects her own self and puts her visceral findings on display. Bourgeois has worked across different mediums from drawing and painting through to sculpture and installation, as well across the artistic catagories of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism.   The first woman to be invited to show a retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the 1980’s (!), she has been integral in putting forward the female subject as a source of inspiration and creativity.

For myself there are few artists that  have literally  stolen my breath away and continued to give me nightmares, she will be sorely missed.

Artist Book Talk

This Friday sees an exciting opportunity for a seminar by Helen Cole on designing beyond the assumed parameters of book making.  This will come in handy for all students currently working on their 4th year research project books or with that in their future.  Do come along.

Friday 21 May 2010
— 10 to11:00am —
followed by morning tea with light refreshments
UTS CB06.04.06
RSVP by Wednesday 19 May