IS Presentation Techniques 2

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By Ai Weiwei

Millions of porcelain sunflower seeds underfoot at the Tate

making of here

By Bjarke Ingels Group


By Terroir

By local architects Terroir, The Leichhardt House, view images here

By Artechnic

View the documentation of project ‘Shell’ here

Maison Martin Margiela

Perhaps it’s my current infatuation with white after having to choose the exact shade for my own house recently (if you haven’t explored the fabulous world of interior white paint finishes, that joy remains ahead) (my choice is Whisper White Dulux for the record).

However I loved this installation by Maison Martin Margiela from last year exploring materiality and texture in their evocative and stylish way. They are environments that are more like still lifes than actual spaces.,_satine,_brillant%E2%80%99_by_maison_martin_margiela

Semiramis Hotel, Karim Rashid

This is the first of our weekly series of posts by the student reps for interior – please send either them or myself ideas if you want to put something out, Sam.

A Master Piece of Colour
Semiramis Hotel, Athens, designed by Karim Rashid

I’m sure it’s no surprise too many that I have always idolised Karim Rashid. His use of overwhelming colour and organic form have always grabbed me. It was on my recent travels to Greece, that I was finally was able to visit one of his creations!!!!!!

I stayed in the Semiramis Hotel, Athens, the first hotel ever designed by Rashid and the first space in which he was given complete and utter control over every aspect of the design. This is clearly visible in the design of the space, where every minuet detail from the furniture, colours, cutlery, glass wear, place mats, towels, sinks, staff uniforms and even napkins are, yes that’s right, custom designed by Rashid himself. Rashid has even rethought the numbering system used in conventional hotels, and assigned each floor with a colour and every room with its own symbol. Each room even has it’s own LED screen on the floor at the front of the room, where you can display a personal message – clean my room perhaps? Do not disturb or, like one patron chose to display ‘I’m single come in’.

But it is his unique style, which impresses. On approaching the hotel, its white square form appears, to at first, be nothing special, yet its quirky coloured use of green plastic balconies and bright pink glass doors, intrigue. On entering the hotel, one is consumed by this use of pink, where one enters into a pink glass box, which to me acted as a symbolic ‘buffering’ – de-contextualising you from the outside world and cleansing you to enter the new reality of ‘Rashid land’.

Rashid land is like no other, the images taken of this space do not compare nor evoke the emotion of truly being in the space. It is amazing how this overload of pinks, oranges, greens and blues can create such a calming harmonies atmosphere. Even walking up the orange carpeted stairs to the hotel rooms, or going up the pink glass elevator, which looks out onto this sea of orange, is relaxing. An oddity I never expected to experience, yet the use of these colours, juxtaposed with Rashid’s iconic fluid forms is so calming, that one rarely stops to think about how such colour combinations would, anywhere else, cause stress.

Karim Rashid I love you!!

Jasimma Petsianis