IS Presentation Techniques 2

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IS Presentation Techniques 1

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1 a, b, c. perfect presentation models and photography (NOTE: hand gives working-model a scale)
2. Information diagrams—giving details of how things work within your design, and Information HIERARCHY: use of arrows, pull-quotes and boxes that highlight important information that the readers eye should notice first. (NOTE: thin, red line-weight)
3. Details/Diagrams eg: a) a diurnal study of lighting effects. NOTE: image captions with concise explanations
b) textures and patterns
4. Location mapping: breaking down information and displaying it as clear, individual elements that can be read as layers
5. Iteritive models, material explorations
6. information extrusion—showing detail AND where this detail exists within the project
7. Macro information, eg. Site diagram
8. Sections and details of use
9 a, b. Montages with measured drawings—drawings details that exist outside the picture
10. Understanding the ground plane—what is situated above ground, and what is situated below


JetBlue terminal interior and spatial design watch here, article (old but good) here

A lesson on good design (and good presentation) here

Architect Thom Mayne, a believer in the generative method of spatial design here

Glamour, editing and the art of effortlessness, concealing and revealing here

A SEAM Symposium

If you’re interested in the cutting edge connection between dance performance and technology, then take a look at what’s happening during SEAM 2010.

The focus will be on Embodiment in Digitally Mediated Environments and includes a 2 day Symposium at the Seymour Centre (15 and 16 Oct), public talks and artist performances/ presentations by Chunky Move (GLOW), Hellen Sky, George Khut and Frédéric Bevilacqua, leader of Real Time Musical Interactions at the Institute for Music/Acoustic Research in Paris.  Exhibitions include Christian Ziegler’s (DE) Wald Forest and Emio Greco/PCs Double Skin/ Double Mind installation.

SEAM 2010 can be sampled by choreographers, students, musicians, allied artists, ‘geeks’ and the general public in different intensities depending upon their individual requirements.

Exhibitions are free, and student and other concessions to the Symposium are only $25 for a full day or $40 for 2 days of talks, installations and performance, presenting the most current research available.

Visit the SEAM 2010 blog and the Critical Path Website
Book here

A Gibson / Ziegler Workshop

International guests Ruth Gibson and Christian Ziegler will be doing workshops with Interior students in October. Please send your expression of interest to take part to with your year level, which workshop you are interested in and two lines on why you would like to take part.

Profile info here, more to come shortly, take a look:

Ruth Gibson, Igloo

Igloo is an internationally renown group based in London working across spatial design, virtual world making and art.

In their own words their practice is: multifaceted ranging through installation, intervention, virtualisation, film and performance drawing on the multiple layers of reality and unreality. Much of the work is in recreating environments and systems where coding joins hands with choreographies of the body. The core concept being the intersection between technology and the human spirit, where our ambivalence to technology is explored with originality, humour and intellect.

Christian Ziegler

Metamorphosis Exhibition


Part of Sydney Design Expo
University of Sydney
Tin Shed Gallery
148 City Road

I have to say it was a very intriguing afternoon when I went to see this show that was put together by the Masters of Architecture students at USYD. Curiosity on what they were producing was my main incentive to go and see this work that was described as being completely avant-guard and innovative. One of the main things that I really loved about it was that I, being a student myself could completely relate to the work that was being displayed, as it wasn’t just these amazing models that were being shown but for each work was a wall covered from ceiling to floor height in A1 presentation boards, visually communicating the individual groups ideas and ‘Metamorphoses.’ That itself completes this idea of transformation that the exhibit is based upon. There are 15 amazing laser cut models that were derived from the ‘mystic stories of Ovid’s Metamorphoses- A song to transformation and change.’ The challenge these students faced was to generate 15 different architectural models based on the 15 books that make up this novel, tracking and representing this idea of transformation of simple objects such as the “Transformation of a plant.” What I think is great about this exhibition is that it really resinates with us ( us I mean 4th year) and the stage we are presently at. We all have such amazing ideas where we are in this process of transformation: making our ‘stories’ into a reality- interpreting it three dimensionally!

The utilisation of materials in these models also amazed me, glass, metal, timber, all laser cut and put together so well! It was very evocative and inspirational!

Jeanette Del Zio

The Bower Event Space Elective

I’m excited to be able to launch another interior elective option.   This is a fabulous opportunity to explore ideas and creativity around event, exhibition and sustainable design in a real project.

The design and construct of a sustainable event space for The Bower during the Newtown Festival in 2010 will be run as a 6cp elective in bloc intensive mode over the September break and leading up to the festival in November.

The Bower is focused on diverting waste from landfill through;

Extending the lifecycle of products –
Practicing and promoting Reuse & Repair culture
Collecting and referring preloved goods to new homes
Selling reusable and repaired goods at accessible prices to the community

Educating the public about sustainable practice and considerate purchasing & disposal.

Please have a look at the attachment if you’re interested and get back to me asap.  The subject will be open to all programs but I want first go for interior students.

Below are some of the links Maaike from the Bower has sent through to get the inspiration flowing.

Get Excited – Big scale ideas to inspire a clever, manageable design.
Great Ideas around the world –
People Working in Reuse/Upcycling
Joost Bakker (innovative Reuse/Upcycling)
Super Potato

Pop Ups
The GreenHouse (Joost Bakker)

Joost Greenhouse, Melbourne

Pedal Powered Coffee Cart
Orange wind powered mobile charging Tent

Space Definition
Kvrad Cloud
Archi-Textile Shelter Workshop Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
The Opera (Caravan/tent)
Origami Shipping Container
Tensile Architecture

The Bower – building materials, furniture, scrap metal, bric-a-brac, vinyl etc
Reverse Garbage – foam, fabric, street banners, billboards, evaskins, perspecs, industrial offcuts